Bride Bashed The Stereotype And Appeared At Her Wedding In A Gorgeous Black Dress

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April 17, 2019 18:02 By Fabiosa

When we imagine a perfect bride, we see a picture of a happy girl in a white dress with a long veil. After all, the majority of women prefer such a familiar image. But there are also courageous ones who are ready to break traditions and stereotypes and appear at their own wedding in unusual dresses. For example, Australian blogger Sophie Cachia decided that the color white is too conventional for her!

So what outfit did Sophie choose for her wedding? Surprisingly, the woman appeared in a long black dress! Surely all the guests were shocked!

Just look at how elegant it is!

In addition, all the bridesmaids were in black dresses as well.

The blogger claimed she chose such an outfit not to shock everybody. She simply liked the dress and wanted to put it on for her most important day.

Dress designer – Anthony Montesano.

Jaryd, Sofia's fiancée, was also dressed in a nontraditional way: in a burgundy velvet dinner jacket and leather pants.

The dress looks mesmerizing!

Fancy wedding dresses

By the way, the wedding dress can be of any color!

Have a look at this red one!

What about a light-blue one?

The perfect green dress!

Do you think wedding dresses should be exclusively white? Share your thoughts in the comments!