What Your Waist Can Tell About Your Personality

January 15, 2019 08:19

Do you know how to assess the character strength and personal independence for any woman? Well, all you need to do is just to look at her figure!

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American anthropologist Elizabeth Cashdan conducted a study and found that every woman’s nature can be identified by the circumference of her waist.

How character depends on the waist

Cashdan claims the weaker waist a woman has, the stronger and more independent character she can be associated with.

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Do you have doubts? Just make a few measurements and calculate your waist-to-hip ratio. The closer the resulting number is to one, the stronger and more independent you are. Let’s look at some examples:

  1. Waist 23.5 inch – hips 35.5 inch = 0.67. The character is very reliable.
  2. Waist 35.5 inch – hips 47.2 inch = 0.75. Indicates a soft character.
  3. Waist 39.3 inch – hips 39.3 = 1! Strong-willed and independent character.

What about you? What is your ratio?

In search of the ideal

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Here are some of the famous women approaching the male ideal, according to Elizabeth Cashdan:

  • Demi Moore – 0.72 (26/35.8)
  • Venus de Milo – 0.7
  • Nude Rubens’ women – 0.7
  • Barbie doll – 0.7
  • Princess Diana – 0.7 (24/34.3)
  • Cindy Crawford – 0.69 (22.8/33)
  • Jane Russell – 0.68 (24.8/36.2)
  • Claudia Schiffer – 0.67 (24.4/36.2)
  • Brigitte Bardot – 0.66 (23/35)
  • Marilyn Monroe – 0.61 (22/36)

So, men consider the most attractive women to have a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 or less.

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By the way, women with thin waists, according to Elizabeth Cashdan, not only seem more attractive to men but are also much healthier. In particular, they are less likely to suffer from infertility and chronic diseases of the reproductive system.

However, nowadays, the majority of women have a ratio of 0.8.

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Waist circumference is increased due to some hormones that make the silhouette more straight. So, androgens make women strong and resilient, and cortisol allows to withstand psychological stress.

Strong character or beautiful figure?

Although Elizabeth Cashdan concluded that women with a strong character are less likely to have a beautiful figure, we fundamentally disagree with this statement. In our opinion, only women with a strong character can have it!

They can’t afford to eat over and over again, complaining about excess weight due to genetics.

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Remember, a strong and independent woman isn’t shaped with the appearance but with the intellect and willpower. What about you? What does your waist tell about you?

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