26-Year-Old Party Girl Became A Clear Example Of How Pretty You Can Look With Professional Help

July 10, 2019

If your desire for fame is unbearable, you will probably go to great lengths to achieve your goal. This is exactly what Svetlana, a freak party girl from Russia, wanted in her life. When the decision was made, she began to move towards secular public events and numerous TV shows through all the life obstacles.

The girl is 26 now, and she began her ascent to the peak of popularity at about 17. She made her public appearance on screen in the show Minute of Fame. The audience was attracted by Svetlana’s strange speech due to the absence of teeth as well as the incompatibility of her statements about numerous training with the level of her intelligence and behavior.

Her clothes and makeup also evoked sheer strangeness.

Svetlana was remembered for her desire to get to all secular parties or shows as well as to become the focus of cameras and newspapers. She wanted others to know her.

But soon, there was another reason to pay attention to Svetlana. Having resorted to the help of cosmetologists and dentists, the party girl changed her image and became almost unrecognizable.

Surprisingly, even the attitude of her ill-wishers changed, although she continues to shock with the selection of some clothes.


When cosmetics means a lot.


The first photo is terrible; the second is incredible!

Apparently, she will soon get into stylists’ hands.

However, fans have a theory that Svetlana’s image of a freak is just a role that helps her stand out from the crowd. In fact, she is a pretty girl with big eyes and a beautiful smile.

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