5 Things Real French Women Never Do

May 27, 2019

French women are associated with impeccable taste, style and chicness. They are free, self-confident and collected. There's a lot to learn from them. We have prepared a list of things for you which are taboo for French ladies and you will definitely want to follow their example!

Taboos for real French women

1. Synthetic clothes

The French are world-renowned for their classic style and simple silhouette lines. They prefer natural fabrics to synthetic ones. "Polyester makes our skin itchy," says Odette Loisel, a 22-year-old student from Lyon. "And we are all allergic to lycra."

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2. Uncomfortable heels

A majority of the women in France don't wear shoes that aren't comfortable to walk in. They really value comfort and don't see the attractiveness of sky-high stilletos.

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3. Cheap outerwear

The French are willing to invest in expensive, high-quality outerwear. If your coat looks bad, no outfit you are wearing underneath can save your look. They also prefer to wear good pieces for several years rather than toss out cheap ones every season.

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4. Push-up bra

If you are a self-confident woman, a push-up is not for you. Soft, feminine lace looks far better than a ton of fake padding.

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5. Diet

The French don't count calories and don't force down salads. They eat whatever they want but know their limits which keeps them from putting on weight. 

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