6 Nightmares Almost Every Person In The World Has Had At Least Once

April 3, 2019

For many of us, dreams likely remain an unsolved mystery. Why do we experience them? Where do all these pictures in our heads come from? Are they in any way connected to our lives and future? There are countless theories concerning this, but today, we want to talk about something different.

We all get nightmares from time to time. And many of these dreams have at least once occurred to most people on Earth, even if they have nothing in common. You will most likely find your own dreams on this list too. Shall we check?

6 nightmares that most people in the world get from time to time

1. Being late

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The fear of being late for an important event or for a bus has presented itself to most people in dreams. This nightmare can represent your anxiety and worries that you might've chosen the wrong path in life or that you lack time to realize your goals.

2. Sudden fall

It is one of the most common nightmares. If you're falling somewhere in your dream, it might mean you don't feel safe in that period in your life. But if the feeling of falling brings you joy, it means you're not afraid of changes.

3. Nudity

Many people are familiar with the feeling you get when you appear naked in public! This nightmare symbolizes insecurities and inability to find your own place under the sun.

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4. Flying

The feeling of soaring in your dreams may signify some obstacles in your life, for instance, people who prevent you from reaching a set goal.

5. Being chased

In such dreams, you can run for your life, but your chaser will still always be somewhere around you. This situation might point to the fact that you tend to avoid some problem. The chaser, in this case, may symbolize your own feelings — rage, jealousy, or fear.

6. Tooth falling out

Dreams where your teeth are falling out may reflect your helplessness, self-consciousness, as well as insecurities about your appearance and the way other people see you.

Have you ever had these nightmares? Do you agree with their interpretation? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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