Exhausted Women's Syndrome: 5 Mistakes Standing In The Way Of A Woman's Happiness

March 27, 2019

Have you ever noticed that women of the same age and approximately the same qualities (age, social and marital status, position, self-realization in society) can look completely different? One may flutter like a butterfly even when she's 50+ and manages to look like a "girl," while the other turns into an "old bag" at a young age and always looks tired and unhappy. Why does this happen?

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There may be numerous reasons – and of course, we can't disregard genetics – however, the main ones lie within us!

The main reasons a woman may suffer from Exhausted Women's Syndrome

1. Living at a crazy pace and not knowing how to stop

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A modern woman is living in the rhythm of a big city. She manages to work, raise kids, meet friends, and work out. Keeping busy is good as, while carrying out different tasks, you don't leave yourself time for negative thinking. But the thing is that you also need to know how to relax and unwind, otherwise there's a big chance of turning into an angry muttering "old bag" who is irritated with everything and everyone.

2. Jumping on the bandwagon

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Often this race has nothing to do with your true desires. First, you graduate from college like everyone else. Then you strive to become a manager like that daughter of mom's friend she keeps telling you about. Then you look for a husband like your numerous friends and have a fair number of kids to blend in with everyone else. It's no surprise that this takes tons of energy and contributes to stress and bad mood. And stress, as you must know, leads to premature aging!

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3. Comparing yourself to others

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Women tend to look at other ladies, comparing and trying to adjust themselves to unattainable beauty standards. A great example would be the following: endomorph-girl (naturally possesses large, sturdy body) dreams of becoming a long-legged, skinny, Instagram-like girl. Most likely, she's not able to reach that goal, so it only leads to stress, insecurities, and dissatisfaction with herself. The key to a happy life, in this case, is to simply accept yourself and try to work with what you have. As quite often, kempt curvy girls can give skinny girls a run for their money!

4. Neglecting yourself

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By ignoring your own needs and desires, you risk putting yourself into the "old bag" category single-handedly. Don't do this! Set yourself a rule to treat yourself to something you really enjoy.

5. Trying to please everyone

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There is a fundamental truth: you can't please everyone. So you need to stop these attempts, start living your life, and listen to your heart.

What are the distinctive features of an exhausted woman in your opinion? Have you seen them in your social circle?

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