"Iranian Hulk" With 30-Inch Biceps Could Probably Compete With Actual Hulk

May 15, 2019

Some men seem to be obsessed with the desire of having a perfectly chiseled body. Some do it out of usual vanity — representatives of the stronger sex are certain that women are crazy about biceps and muscles, and they like to hear compliments and words of adoration.

Other men want a toned body because it makes them feel more strong and masculine.

A weightlifter from Iran, Sajad Gharibi weighs almost 390 lb at his 27 years old. Thanks to his looks that make him resemble the character from "superhero" movies, the man got instantly famous on the internet and even earned the nickname "Iranian Hulk."

The giant who has impressive muscles and stone-cold expression on his face is an active social media user. Sajad has a blog on Instagram; currently, his page has 450,000 followers.

Along with this, Gharibi doesn't share any pictures of himself training in the gym or his meals, he simply posts pictures of himself and his everyday life.

In most of the pics, "Iranian Hulk" poses topless, showing off his amazing musculature in all its glory.

Notably, his chiseled body is earned exclusively by Sajad's hard work and intensive training. Unlike many "buffed men" on Instagram, Gharibi got no plastic surgeries or Synthol injections.

Sajad regularly takes part in powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions. Very few of his competitors can boast of having such a musculature.

What do you think about "Iranian Hulk"? Do you consider him to be the essence of strength and male attractiveness? Share your opinion in the comments below!