Male-Born Powerlifter Broke 4 Female World Records. Is It Fair?

May 15, 2019 15:02

Powerlifting is a kind of sport where people need to lift extremely heavy weights. This kind of sport is considered to be dangerous and often ends in sportsmen getting injured, as bench-pressing 1000 lb is not the easiest and safest thing to do.

Females also take part in this ancient kind of sport and, what's important, lift weights almost as heavy as men. For instance, female April Mathis lifted 1610 lb in 2011, while male Andrey Malanichev lifted 2513 lb in 2016. Men and women compete in different categories as, due to their bodies' biological differences, there is no opportunity to have fair competition even in the same weight category. Sometimes it can cause troubles!

Mary Gregory, the subject of our story, had been a man until 2016. At some point in her life, she felt uncomfortable in her male "skin," changed her name, and started taking hormones. By 2019, she finally felt like a woman, not only inside, but on a physiological level as well.

Transgender Mary Gregory has set 4 world records in April 2019 in the female category in just one day! It was one of the most-talked-about events. Male judges and many participants recognized Mary's results. But women whose records were broken with a significant gap felt that it was unfair.

One of them was Sharron Davies, a woman who had held the world record prior to Mary's. She spoke out on Twitter:

She immediately got huge support from other women:

Transgender rights are a complicated issue as many consider that fair competition is going extinct because of so much tolerance. A compromise for the minorities might include a separate category for transgenders where they can compete fairly with all their biological aspects taken into account. What do you think? Is it fair that Mary set world records, taking away those of other biologically-born women?