Out With Stereotypes? In Gillette's New Ad, Men Wear Lipstick And Shave Their Legs

June 10, 2019

Brand Gillette has always been famous for its controversial ads and marketing strategies. The company puts in a lot of effort to keep up with the times and never shies away from pressing problems and current trends.

For instance, one of Gillette's advertising campaigns featured a plus-size model, Anna O'Brien. This was the company's way to pay respect to the body positivity movement.

Although the pictures of the curvy girl caused a lot of buzz on the internet, not everyone was pleased with the brand's decision. Many people considered that in this way Gillette promotes an unhealthy lifestyle.

After this, the brand decided to go even further. For the Spanish market sector, Gillette launched an ad that crashes stereotypes of the image and masculinity of men.

In this commercial, you can see synchronized swimmer Paul Ribes shaving his legs before the performance, as well as a young man putting lipstick on.

The voiceover is asking the viewer:

Are you man enough to be a queen? Are you man enough to be you?

According to Gillette, there shouldn't be a one-sided view of what a man should be. By the way, in May 2019, the brand launched a commercial showing a transgender teenager shaving for the first time.

What do you think? Is it okay or a bit too much? Share your opinion in the comments below!