Overweight Couple Decided To Lose Weight After The Wedding. They've Changed Beyond Recognition!

June 10, 2019

Many couples get lazy and stop keeping fit after the wedding. Needless to say that when partners have similar eating habits, it makes it even more difficult to stay in shape.

When Australian girl Chantelle Fleming met her future husband Grant, she weighed 286 pounds and her beloved weighed 385. Although the young people weren't happy with their bodies, they both just loved fast food, takeaways, and sodas.

We both loved those foods and had no one to tell us "no."

— shared the girl.

By the time Chantelle and Grant got married, their combined weight had reached its peak. The bride was walking down the aisle wearing a size 28 wedding gown.

When the newlyweds started to live together, the overeating problem only got worse. The couple ordered food delivery two times a day and fed on huge chocolate bars and fatty pastries.

Excess weight not only brought Grant and Chantelle enormous discomfort, but it was also harming their health. At some point, the spouses realized that it couldn't go on like this.

The two young people underwent a gastric band surgery, after which they started to diet and exercise. During one year, Chantelle and Grant managed to lose 380 lbs combined!

Now the couple has changed beyond recognition. They are happy with the way they look and even decided to recreate their wedding pictures.

Chantelle and Grant have set an example for everyone. They showed that you can change your life for the better at any given moment, especially with your beloved's support!