People Who Went Too Far In Their Attempts To Keep Up To Date With Fashion

May 14, 2019 11:36

Love for experimentation is generally a great quality, but some people just go too far. We have prepared a compilation of awkward clothing items. Judging by these photos, you'll see for yourself where such restless obsession with fashion trends may lead you.

Fashionistas who take it too far

1. Urban style on the outside and gardening lover on the inside

For when you’re on the town, but feel like gardening. from r/ATBGE

2. Cupcake hairstyle

Frosted tips from r/ATBGE

3. When you love your daddy so much – or Drake

Beaded hair portrait from r/ATBGE

4. Men with their games

5. The fashion designer probably was a flamingo in his past life

6. Grandma's jumpsuit

7. Thug life graduate

8. Style and grace are nature's gifts

9. Right back from the market

10. Are those hands in plastic bags or eyes playing tricks on us?

What you need to know about fashion to rock it

  • Designer outfits aren't meant for commoners, they're made for the catwalk only.
  • Usually, any attempt to adapt expensive dresses and sets from fashion houses to the reality of everyday life using things at hand ends up looking like this chair in boots – just wrong.
  • If you have your own style, you'll become a role model for someone, but decorating yourself with bling from head to toe is usually seen as a sign of bad taste by those around you.
  • While celebrities flaunt such outfits full blast all over the social media, which often cost a fortune, they will never wear them in their everyday life. 

And let's not ever try to do this at home. Play it safe.