Twitter Is Going Crazy: Most People Admitted To Not Washing Their Legs When Taking Shower

May 15, 2019 18:31

This question might seem completely inappropriate, but if you are asked whether you wash your feet, you'll say "yes" without a moment's hesitation. That's some basic hygiene rule we are taught when we're little. But what about the soles of your feet and toes?

The last few days, Twitter is going crazy because of people's admissions to not washing their legs. The reason for such discussions was a provocative poll on which, by the way, you probably can still vote.

This girl's response caused a storm of emotions in users.

Some people spoke "for" it:

Others argued "against":

There were also those who were simply confused.

There is much to discuss and for many people, this problem came as a surprise. But if there is a question, there must be an answer. How do doctors feel about leg hygiene? Dermatologists definitely don't recommend washing the top part of your legs overly thoroughly as soapy water does it for you. If you do that, you may damage the epidermis and through the cracks in it, you can get an infection, which will result in inflammation.

The soles of your feet are often covered by socks, so they sweat more and have a thicker skin with crevices, which becomes favorable for the development of fungal infection if not cleaned properly. Especially if you do sport or your feet are extremely sweaty, wash them.

How often do you take a shower? Will you start washing your legs more/less often after reading this article?