What Do You Wash First When Taking A Shower? Turns Out, There's The Right Way!

May 16, 2019 17:57

Have you ever noticed in which order you wash your body parts when taking a shower? What do you lather first – your head or the rest of the body? Most people do it without thinking, following a pattern formed over the years, and that's why they don't pay attention to it. And yet there are certain ins and outs in this matter!

Perhaps there are basic patterns of taking a shower or bath, but each person is different and washes his/her body parts in a different order. For instance, on one forum, people even started a separate thread of discussion to find out people's preferences in this matter.




What do you wash first? Pick the right answer for you and leave it in the comments below. It'll be interesting to find out what the majority of you will choose.

It turns out that there is the right way of doing it. According to experts in body care, first, you should lather and rinse thoroughly the shampoo and hair conditioner from your hair because they may be harmful to the gentle skin on your face.


Do you agree with such an explanation? Would you follow the advice? Share this information with your friends; they may be taking a shower in the wrong way.