24-Year-Old British Guy Spent $18K To Get Perfect Lips, But Didn’t Stop There

May 14, 2019 14:39

Many fans try to imitate their idols. For some, it stops at drawing inspiration from celebrities’ looks, copying their hairstyle or makeup. Then there are some whose obsession doesn’t end there.

James Holt, 24, from Manchester is an ardent fan of Kylie Jenner. From early age, he used to be ashamed of his thin lips and at the age of 16 started getting fillers.

So far, the young man has spent more than $18,000 on beauty procedures.

Besides the lips, which Holt enlarges every 2-4 months, the guy has had 2 nose jobs, regularly has Botox injections (including in the armpits), and has his teeth whitened twice a year.

James admitted that frequent surgeries have caused problems. His lips have started to reject fillers and bruise due to their size. In addition, he can no longer breathe through his nose and often wakes up at night.

But, despite all the risks, the Brit is not going to quit. He intends to continue getting injections because he does not want to look "boring and plain."

I will never stop having surgery, and I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with my face or my body.

– shared Holt.

James' relatives believe that he has gone too far and warn him to stop before his lips “explode.” But the young man likes to turn heads and be stared at.

You may have heard similar cases. One of them is Canadian Mary Magdalene who spent a fortune to get Jolie-like lips.

It seems that in the pursuit of beauty, these people have completely lost touch with reality and now there is nothing that can stop them. The saddest thing is that they will never be able to get their natural appearance back.