Backstreet Beautician: A Scammer Disfigured 50 Women With Beauty Shots Of Poor Quality

July 3, 2019 17:53

Beauty shots are very popular nowadays. Most often, women come to beauticians to get rid of wrinkles or to enlarge the lips. Lately, women have become obsessed with plump lips and the corresponding procedures have become very common. Generally, beauticians inject hyaluronic acid in the lips to boost volume. This procedure is safe if it is carried out by a competent doctor and the drug is of high quality.

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There are two keywords here: “competent” and “doctor.” The procedure must be carried out by someone with a medical degree who has had special additional training.

Some time ago, a shocking story from Moscow has made a big splash. Natalya Korosteleva, an unlicensed cosmetologist, used to run a business from home. And her services had been recommended to Svetlana Yastrebova, a former model and actress. The actress thought that it would be harder to revive her career without fuller lips.

The self-proclaimed beautician assured Svetlana that biopolymer would be suitable for the injection. She claimed to have used it for 9 years herself. However, Svetlana didn’t notice any result after the first procedure. Natalya explained that it is purely individual but 2 more injections are necessary. After the manipulations that followed, Svetlana’s lips swelled immeasurably. She had to have 22 operations to get her face back to normal.

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Now Svetlana claims that it cost her career – no one invites her to new projects. Moreover, she is not the only one who has suffered from the scammer. There are at least 50 women who are dissatisfied with her services. They gathered and sued Ms. Korosteleva, but the police didn’t accept their complaints.

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By the way, Natalya sees her patients in a regular apartment. Her office is just an old room with a carpet hanging on the wall and a sideboard, not equipped in any way.

Clients should be happy with my work. I use Japanese needles. They are just needles, they don’t need to be sterilized with alcohol; sometimes I wash the blood off with cold water. I don’t always wear gloves. And who said that biopolymer gel is banned? It works well with hyaluronic acid, its scope of application is much wider. And the consequences... well, nothing more than swelling or bruises!

– says Natalya.

Recently, the police finally looked into the matter. In the end, Natalya was found guilty and was sentenced to 5.5 years in a general regime penal colony. In addition, she will have to pay monetary compensation to the victims.

This case is a lesson to all of us. If you want to change something in your appearance, you should contact specialized clinics with all the necessary paperwork. Our health is in our hands!