Born In Bodies That Didn’t Fit, They Were Finally Freed: Photos Before And After The Gender Switch

May 13, 2019 12:49

Most people will find it difficult to relate to being born in a male or female body and then deciding to change it. But this is exactly what happens to transgender people – a discord between the gender assigned at birth and how a person’s identifies oneself.

There have always been transgender people, but only in recent decades they have started to speak out. There is even an International Transgender Day of Visibility (celebrated on March 31). Parades and other festivities aside, on this day, transgender people post their photos on social networks.

We offer a selection of “before and after” photos of people who have gone through this transformation. It’s hard to deny that a gender change radically transforms not only the body but also emotions and the inner world.









For transgender folk, such openness takes a lot of courage because of the prejudiced opinion of their neighbors, colleagues, or former classmates. Despite the social stigma that unfortunately still exists in our society, people go for the transformation because gender is not only anatomy but also frame of mind. We should all be more tolerant of the fact that a transgender person is someone who has found the body they feel comfortable in. It is their choice, and it should be respected.