Good Eyesight: Simple Exercises And Tips For Preventing Vision Loss

July 15, 2019

Even people who used to have excellent vision in youth may face problems with eyesight in middle age. The most frequent complaints are a decrease in sharpness and rapid eye fatigue.

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This happens due to the fact that over the years, our lenses become less flexible and lose their ability to focus. Sunlight, dust, and wind also take their toll and the conjunctiva (the transparent epithelial tissue covering the outer surface of the eyeball and the inner part of the eyelid) gets thinner with age. Don’t forget that the muscles of the orbital region weaken over time, too. All of this, together with a number of ophthalmologic diseases, can contribute to increased eye fatigue and reduced quality of vision.

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A few simple tips, which many unfortunately neglect, will help you slow down the natural process.

  1. Try to eat healthy – this will have a beneficial effect on the state of the whole body. Nuts, seeds, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, and carrots are especially useful for the eyes.
  2. Wear sunglasses with UV filters (ordinary shaded ones only enlarge the pupils, so that it is exposed to even more UV rays) and always protect your eyes during any potentially dangerous work.
  3. Take precautions when working at the computer.
  4. Drink more water – over the years, the risk of increased eye dryness increases.
  5. Use personal hygiene products and towels.
  6. Spend enough time outside.
  7. Try not to rub your eyes unnecessarily.
  8. Carefully choose contact lenses.
  9. Use high-quality cosmetics and care products.
  10. Avoid excessive consumption of coffee and tobacco.
  11. Have regular medical check-ups.
  12. Don’t forget about exercising.

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Eye gymnastics is just as important for the eyes as playing sports for the rest of the body. Muscles need to be trained to stay in good shape. There are 2 effective exercises that will help maintain visual acuity for many years. For your convenience, we have prepared a visual illustration.

Exercise 1

  1. Straight lines (moving your eyes up and down, from side to side, and diagonally in both directions) repeat 8-10 times.
  2. Each of a rectangle, a bow, an 8, and a circle should be 4-5 times clockwise and counterclockwise.
  3. Draw a snake with your eyes once in each direction.
  4. Repeat spirals 5 times.
  5. The equator needs to be repeated 8 times. Draw imaginary circles with your eyes in a vertical and horizontal plane.
  6. The last 4 pictures are exercises with fingers at arm's length. Move the fingers 2 inches apart, repeat 8 times in all specified directions (including drawing the circles).

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Exercise 2

This is a variation of exercise 1, only the directions are a little different. 4-5 times of bows and 8s are enough. 1 repetition for flowers in different planes.

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Try not to strain your eyes and stop if you feel any discomfort. You can start at 4 repetitions. Gradually, the number can be increased to 10, if desired. In the case of shortsightedness, it is not recommended to do more than 3-4 repetitions (if the “minus” is larger than 4). Be sure to consult with a supervising doctor beforehand if you have had surgery on your eyes or are suffering from any ophthalmic disease.

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These simple exercises will hardly take more than a few minutes of your time a day. But you will enjoy sharp eyesight for much longer.

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