Gillette Used A Bikini Shot Of A Plus-Sized Model In Their Ad But Not Everyone Appreciated It

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April 15, 2019 17:58 By Fabiosa

Every year, increasingly more people join the movement of body positivity and embrace the idea that every body is beautiful regardless of size and shape. Many large companies support this inspiring trend and become more inclusive in their advertising campaigns. For example, recently, Gillette invited Anna O’Brien, a famous plus-sized model, to a photo shoot for their advertisement. The photos turned out to be wonderful! But not all everyone appreciated the gesture...

Anna O’Brien

Meet Anna O’Brien, a plus-sized model and fashion blogger with 323k Instagram followers. The young lady has worked with many famous brands. Just look at the last photos of her collaboration with Gillette.

Social media response

However, not everyone appreciated what Gillette did there. Some argued that plus-sized models aren’t suitable for such ads, while others saw propaganda of an unhealthy lifestyle in this.

What do you think about Gillette’s ad? Do you stand by the idea of more inclusive advertisements? Share your opinion!