Graceful Men Prove By Example That Pole-Dancing Is Not Only Women’s Sport

July 5, 2019 11:39

Pole dance is a kind of dance and sport. It is mainly performed by graceful, flexible, and strong women. One can endlessly admire their movements. And the health benefits are immense! It strengthens all body muscles, making them toned and contoured. Just imagine how much strength it takes to hold your own weight on a pole upside down!

However, this dance has long ceased to be an exclusively women's sport. Men go for it too! And they are no less graceful and beautiful.

1. Quan Bui calls himself the most attractive Asian pole dancer. It's hard to judge whether deservedly or not, but his dancing skills are breathtaking indeed!

2. Macho Enrique is no stranger to the pole either. And judging from his Instagram page, he's very fond of it

3. Does anyone out there still think that pole dancing isn't for men?

4. Very sensual... When you think about the amount of sheer strength it takes, you can't but applaud the dancers

5. Pole dancing knows no borders. It is practiced in Brazil as well

6. And in Spain

7. Even in Australia!

8. If you want a slim, fit, and strong body, pole dancing will help!

9. Amazing!

The 21st century has become way more uninhibited and devoid of stereotypes than anyone expected. And this is the right way to go! If a man wants to go for a type of dancing that used to be traditionally considered women's, why not? After all, being happy is what matters at the end of the day. But what do you think?