Honest Photos: What The Belly Actually Looks Like A Week Before And A Week After Labor

July 15, 2019

Some expectant mothers take physiological changes occurring in their body very hard. Sometimes even to the point that they are embarrassed of their rounded tummy and stretch marks. This is absolutely wrong because this is the lot of every woman who has given birth, and now #nofilter photos are gaining a huge momentum. Women show their real selves in the first days, weeks, or hours after labor without makeup and other preparations.

Fitness blogger Kayla Itsines, who recently became a mom, posted her photos on Instagram just before the birth and a week later:

Her followers’ comments were very warm and supportive:


You look amazing


Yessss to your message 🙌🏽 Womens' bodies and their ability to bring life is so amazing. Definitely something to celebrate. Thanks for sharing, mama. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! 😍

And she is not alone in her desire to show life as it is.

Real life labor is nothing like on the TV screen. And after giving birth, all women go through a different recovery. Sometimes, it can take months to regain health and get rid of the effects of the pregnancy.

What happens to the female body immediately after childbirth?

The most common symptoms that almost every woman face is pain in the lower abdomen, when the dilated and hardened uterus returns to its former state (from a weight of 5.5 lb to 1.8-2.1 oz!), breast engorgement, swollen arms, and pain in the nipples, especially at the beginning of nursing.

Besides physical symptoms, there is also psychological discomfort, fatigue, and postpartum depression. So, the strength of the female body is astounding! It uses all its resources to quickly heal after the ordeal of childbirth. And the courage of women who are not afraid to post their honest photos and inspire others is truly awesome.

Do you have a post-partum photo? Are you ashamed of your body? Tell your story in the comments.