Main Muscle Of Youth: How To Lift The Subcutaneous Muscle Of The Neck

June 11, 2019 12:06

Women put a lot of effort to stay young beautiful and young. We don’t skimp on masks, creams, and facial massages, but we often forget about the neck. This is practically an unforgivable mistake because it can easily give away our true age. Sooner or later, the natural weakening of the tissues leads to ptosis. Why does it happen?

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The skin and muscles of the neck are weaker and softer than those of other parts of the body. The neck is also often exposed to the harmful effects of UV radiation. But still, we spend much more time cleansing and protecting the skin of the face. That’s why pigmentation, folds, and wrinkles appear faster on the neck. So, using a mild cleanser and moisturizing lotion in this area should become a habit.

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The way we sleep is equally important. Pillows that are too high or too numerous are one of the culprits of neck folds.

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Fatty tissue deformation is another cause. Blood circulation is slower in the neck, which explains a faster accumulation of adipose tissue, its uneven distribution, and the fact that it’s the last to leave when you lose weight. There are also such things as the rings of Venus – horizontal creases in the skin and fat tissue visible when the head is turned and often caused by excess weight – and Cleopatra's neck, a similar-looking phenomenon, but is mostly determined by a hereditary structure of the neck.

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It is also in the neck that the so-called “muscle of youth,” or platysma, is located. It begins at the level of the 2nd rib and goes up to the lower jaw or even slightly higher, firmly connecting to the subcutaneous tissue. Its insufficient tone often causes the droop of the corners of the mouth and changes in facial contours around the chin.

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Correcting platysma allows redistributing muscle activity, which will be beneficial for the outlines of the lower and even the middle third of the face. Besides, it can be done without plastic surgery.

  1. Try to monitor your posture: don’t stoop or walk with your head lowered all the time. The chin should be very slightly raised – this will delay the appearance of folds.
  2. Watch your facial expressions. Negative emotions make us frown and lower the corners of the mouth. The platysma is relaxed and gradually becomes even “lazier.”
  3. Don’t overstretch the subcutaneous muscle of the neck during workouts and try not to massage it. By doing the former you can injure it, and the latter, stretch the skin even more.

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Make it a habit to do one simple exercise:

  • assume a static position;
  • bend the lower lip outward and lower the chin – the neck muscle will contract and become visibly tense;
  • after 6 seconds, return to the initial position and relax;
  • repeat the exercise, alternating it with periods of rest.

If while exercising you feel tension in the back of the neck, then the position of the head or your posture is wrong. Your goal is to make the muscle as tense as possible and avoid causing wrinkles with the position of your mouth.

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It is worth remembering that there are two main types of aging. The methods listed above are effective with the muscular one. They are less helpful in the case of the skin or small-wrinkled types of aging, so there is no universal remedy for everyone. Still, keeping the neck muscles in tone is always a good countermeasure to age-related changes and a double chin.

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