Man Wanted To Become A Bodybuilder Fast. What He Got Was Weirdly Shaped Muscles And A Threat To Life

May 14, 2019 16:31

A male muscular body looks gorgeous. That’s why many men go through grueling workouts to become stronger and shape themselves according to the popular image. But there are also those who want the results without all the training. They dream of becoming bodybuilders instantaneously!

Romario Dos Santos Alves is the guy who decided to take such a shortcut. He ended up with muscles of a strange and unnatural shape, and in the process, landed himself some serious health issues. This experiment almost cost him his life!

Brazilian Hulk

Young father Romario Dos Santos Alves wanted to become a bodybuilder in a short time. In a gym, he met men with unbelievable muscles. They hooked Romario onto injections.

Blinded by the quick result after the first try, Alves couldn’t stop.

Some time and countless procedures later, his muscles acquired a strange shape, until he was taken to hospital. At first, he was facing amputation of both arms, but the doctors did their best and managed to remove some of the gel.

After this incident, Romario had to give up injections in the muscles but not the dream of becoming a bodybuilder.

It seems that he has buffed up since then. We hope that this is due to workouts alone.

And this is what he looked like before!

Romario’s story teaches us that shortcuts are incompatible with good and lasting results. Greatness takes hard work and patience, wouldn’t you agree?