Not Angry, Just Disappointed: What Upsets Different Zodiac Signs And How Do They Cope With It?

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April 12, 2019 13:38 By Fabiosa

Few could try to deny that representatives of the same zodiac sign, otherwise very different people, have similar character traits. It shows in their choice of leisure activities, what they look for in love, and how they tend to end relationships, to name just a few. We suggest that you check whether astrologers are right about what representatives of different zodiac signs find the most upsetting, and how they deal with it.

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Aries are very demanding, not only of others but also themselves. It breaks their heart when the results of their persistent work don't match their expectations. It drives them mad. Active involvement is the best remedy for Aries. They unwind through sports or new hobbies.

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Any change makes Tauruses irritable and anxious. They withdraw into themselves and reject any outside help. It is best to give them a little time to think everything through and decide on their own.


Geminis feel uneasy when someone tries to control them. Generally, they ask to be left alone and begin to sink into depression. However, they can’t keep their feelings to themselves. So in moments like these, what they really need is to give into their weakness and talk to a loved one.

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It makes sensitive Cancers sad when they suspect that they are being used. It is then that they need care and affection. The best medicine is new hobbies that can boost their productivity.


Being ignored is the worst thing that can happen to Leos and turn them into drama queens. People’s support and encouragement of Leo’s true self is paramount for a representative of this sign.

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Virgos hide their emotionality behind a veil of coldness and prudence, and it makes them sad. When it becomes particularly tough, they want to be left alone until they feel the strength to carry on.


Libras are disappointed by their own indecision. Yet, they don’t like to admit it and prefer to pretend they are fine. Often, they need help from the outside or even an emotional punch.

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Cheating and betrayal is what upsets insecure Scorpios. They find consolation in caring for children, animals, or even plants.


Inquisitive Sagittarians feel depressed when the time comes for them to conform to routine. Self-sufficient representatives of this sign are used to solving their own problems, and no one should interfere with this.

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Realistic Capricorns’ estimations of their chances of achieving a goal are always accurate. The biggest disappointment for them is when others doubt their promises. Capricorns are always true to themselves, and this eventually helps them get back on their feet.


Own freedom comes first for Aquarius. They resent it when someone tries to impose restrictions so much that they can just quit and start from scratch. Often, creativity helps them to cope with disappointment and frustration.


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Pisces don’t tolerate aggression and cruelty. They tend to get neurotic, but they also can focus on the positive, which allows them to regain their balance, especially when fighting injustice.

Did you recognize yourself or your loved ones in the descriptions above? Please share your observations with us!

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