Nothing Could Motivate An Obese Man To Lose Weight, Except His Grandson’s Single Question

June 13, 2019

Sometimes we get so used to our problems that we don’t even think about getting rid of them anymore. We feel comfortable, familiar, and good in the comfort zone, a kind of a swamp. Why change anything, if it’s not so bad after all? And only a sudden wake-up call makes us reconsider and do something about the deeply rooted problem. Sound familiar?

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Our hero for today, Jason Parrish, used to live in a vicious circle of obesity for decades. It all started when he was born weighing 11 pounds. He weighed 182 lb at 13, 294 lb at 21, and 420 lb at 30.

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When friends asked him about excess weight, Jason would laugh it off, saying that he was already born big. And nothing changed. All the man’s meals were high in calories and when he had appendicitis, doctors couldn’t perform the surgery because of his obesity. But nothing could motivate 560-pound Jason to lose weight. And then help arrived.

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The change started suddenly, and it was thanks to Parrish’s 7-year-old grandson. The boy asked him if he’d be around for his wedding day.

For you to understand the impact these words had on Jason, let's see the numbers! In a year Jason got rid of 330 pounds!

The man turned to a specialized clinic where he had a gastric balloon inserted. The process of losing weight began. He had a sleeve gastrectomy (an operation to remove a part of the stomach) a bit later.

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Now Jason Parrish is a completely different person! Slim, happy and immeasurably healthier! After defeating his problem and getting out of the destructive comfort zone, Jason recalls that the problem of overeating started in childhood. At school, he felt unhappy and found comfort in food.

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Jason's story teaches us two main things: nothing is impossible, and everything is rooted in childhood. That’s why it is so important to monitor kids’ nutrition and instill in them healthy habits!