How Women's Hands And Nails Change After 40, And What To Do About It

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April 11, 2019 15:06 By Fabiosa

Many ladies spend enough caring for their face but forget about their hands. However, most often they give away a woman’s true age and can even add a couple of years if neglected.

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Hands and nails age, as do all the parts of our body. Besides, they are frequently exposed to low and high temperatures, chemicals, water, sun, and wind. These and other factors lead to a change in the skin of the hands, that doesn’t have a substantial layer of subcutaneous fat.

At 20, the hands look excellent – straight fingers, smooth velvety skin of even color, and a neat shape of the nails.

At 30, the changes in the body are reflected on the skin. Especially in women who have given birth, which entails hormonal changes. Hands may swell and fingers may appear bumpy. The nails become thinner, more brittle, and sometimes slightly deformed.

At the age of 40, pigment spots appear on the arms, veins become more visible, the skin becomes thinner, drier, and a bit flabbier. If you are a fan of gel or acrylic polish, the nail plate becomes fragile and brittle.

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Fortunately, if you start to take care of your hands in time, it is possible for your 40-year-old skin to be as toned and soft as in your 20's. The main thing is not to be lazy and do everything necessary! Pay attention to the main tips:

  • wash the hands with soft soap and warm water;
  • don’t go outside with damp hands;
  • be sure to wear gloves during the cold season;
  • don’t abuse the solarium and apply creams with SPF in the summer;
  • do housework in gloves;
  • apply moisturizing and nourishing creams after each negative impact on the skin of the hands.

As you can see, the rules are very simple. But they only work if followed regularly and systematically. Keep your hands beautiful for many years to come!

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