Lost: A Woman Survived For 17 Days In The Jungle With A Broken Leg

May 31, 2019

A physiotherapist and yoga instructor’s ordinary trip to the colorful forests in Hawaii turned out to be a real tragedy. 35-year-old Amanda Eller went for a hike through the forest reserve that she’d been to more than once, but couldn’t find her way back.

When her boyfriend, Benjamin Konkol, did not see his sweetheart or her car, he immediately sounded the alarm. A white SUV was soon found near the Makawao forest, but Amanda was not there. The police quickly came to the conclusion that Eller got lost in the forest and assembled search-and-rescue teams.

Meanwhile, Amanda gathered all her strength to fight for her life. The girl didn’t even have water on her. The things got much worse when Eller fell 20 feet off a cliff and broke her leg and lost her shoes in a flash flood.

The woman had to eat everything she could find – various plants, fruits, and even insects. She slept, covered with ferns or in the mud. One night Amanda spent in a wild boar's den.

I was getting so skinny that I was really starting to doubt if I could survive,​​​​​​

– the yoga instructor recalled.

Benjamin and the volunteers didn’t leave hope of finding Eller. May 24, 17 days after she went missing, Amanda was spotted by a helicopter. When she met the rescuers she broke down and started bawling.

The helicopter took Eller to a hospital, where she was soon reunited with her family. There is a long recovery ahead, but the main thing is that she is alive and safe.

It is terrible to imagine what Amanda had to go through during these 17 days. Have you ever got lost in the woods or other places?