Modern ‘Witch’: Woman Quit Civilized World To Live In A Hut In The Middle Of A Rainforest

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March 15, 2019 17:59 By Fabiosa

What could possibly make a person abandon the benefits of civilization and live off the land in the XXI century when life has become so comfortable?

However, more and more residents of large cities prefer to rest in the country or in solitary exotic hotels. And some go even further, like the heroine of the following story.

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From a young age, ‘the witch,’ as Sarah Wu jokingly refers to herself, has loved nature and collected herbs for making natural care products and medicinal mixtures. This passion prompted her to get a job in an organic food company. However, she felt deeply unhappy at her home in Philadelphia.

10 years ago, Sarah and her husband went to the Costa Rican jungle, where she started to live in a hut made of bamboo and fallen trees.

Don’t rush to brand this couple ‘savages’: The young people furnished their new home nicely, use solar power to generate electricity, grow environmentally friendly products, and work.

Although they have to collect rainwater for drinking and doing laundry, it’s not an inconvenience for them. What matters most is that Sarah and Stephen have found true happiness.

Many believe that this is running away from reality and problems. But in fact, this is hard work and a great responsibility. Anyone who decides to live off-grid has to put a lot of effort. On the one hand, you are virtually defenseless against nature. On the other hand, you have to deal with other people’s prejudice.

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Yasmine Phillips also shared her story. The girl and her boyfriend Laurence didn’t feel happy about their cozy apartment and good jobs either. They left everything and moved to the northern coast of Ireland.

Yasmine admitted that hard labor, isolation, and sustenance seemed impossible at first. However, not only has this couple managed to make it work, but also, started to welcome tourists by joining the Airbnb project.

There are many reasons why people quit civilization. Phillip Vannini, producer of the Canadian documentary Life Off Grid, tried to find an answer to this question. He came to the conclusion that there isn’t a single answer. For some people, this change of lifestyle was a more economical decision, others found it fun, and still others wanted to be self-sufficient. None of them are hermits, but rather people who have chosen a less easy, but more romantic and fulfilling way of life.

Some of us enjoy spending time in the wilderness, some of us are fond of gardening, and some of us already live in less urbanized environments.

What could be the reason for you to move into a hut in the rainforest? How romantic do you find this idea? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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