11-Year-Old Girl Fell On A Sharp Pencil. If Her Classmates Or Teachers Had Helped, She Wouldn’t Have Survived

May 27, 2019

Active games are an integral part of every child’s life. Almost every pupil used to run down the hallway and fall, raising a bump or running a splinter into a finger. The most frequent injuries that are recorded in school emergency centers occur because of safety violations in PE classes. In more severe cases, the situation leads to an ambulance call, and even surgery, in case there is a foreign object stuck in the body.

One victim of such a case was an 11-year-old girl who fell during the game on a sharp pencil, running it into her neck. Neither the teachers nor the students tried to remove the pencil on their own, which literally saved the girl's life. After the hospital examination and tomography results, the doctors stated that the coronary artery was damaged on the left side of the neck, with the pencil completely blocking the vessel. Surgeons removed the object and clamped the damaged artery. If someone at the school had done it before the doctors arrived, the girl would have died as a result of heavy blood loss. A terrible outcome was avoided.

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Sometimes such seemingly insignificant things save lives and demonstrate how important it is to know the elementary rules of first aid.

What to do if a foreign object is stuck in the body?

1. If the object is small, like a sliver, a glass shard, a splinter, or glass wool, wash the affected area and use clean tweezers. If a foreign body is under the skin, disinfect the tip of the needle, lift the skin, and remove the splinter with tweezers.

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2. Call an ambulance if you suspect that the subject has entered deeper under the skin and could have affected the muscles.

In this case, don’t try to pull out the object by yourself.

Bind the wound, after putting a piece of clean gauze and a thick layer of cotton wool or a clean piece of cloth on the wound. Don’t press on the injured place.

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Raise the damaged area of ​​the body above the heart level. Use a tourniquet only as a last resort, where potential loss of life outweighs the risk of loss of limb. 

3. Urgently call an ambulance if a foreign object gets into the eye, an area near the eye or the wound is deep and dirty.

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