7 Myths About Aging That You Should Never Believe

April 10, 2019

Many people have quite a stereotypical view of seniors. After 60, people start to perceive you in a completely different way: they begin to trust you less, doubt your independence, and often compare you to a child. They believe in an imposed stereotype inspired by cinema and mass culture. We want to introduce you 7 popular myths that don’t coincide with real life.

1. Old age makes people stupid

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Sure, aging can lead to some changes in cognitive abilities. Your reaction time may decrease, but the brain just starts working differently. Elderly people have much more life experience. So, their vocabulary is much more extensive than in younger people.

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2. Old age makes people depressed

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This myth was dispelled long ago. A study confirmed that older people are the happiest part of the population! They are much less worried about life – what else do you need for happiness?

3. Old age condemns to solitude

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Social exclusion can be a problem for elderly people, but attending thematic events as well as age-related interest clubs make seniors very socially active. Moreover, don’t forget about regular gatherings with the family that happen quite often at this age.

4. Old age deprives creativity

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It is wrong to believe that many people begin to lose their creative energy at this age. A lot of artists, writers, and other cultural figures began their career only at a respectable age.

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5. Elderly people are conservative in thinking

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It all depends on the individual, but if you allow a couple of grumbling grandfathers to shape your point of view, you are mistaken. Many people become so wise at their age that they lose their prejudices. They find it easy to understand new concepts and communicate with young people!

6. Aging can’t be avoided – it's genetics

Of course, this is true, but it can be slowed down. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help you look younger for longer. You can delay aging and stay active for a long time!

7. Old age deprives of productivity

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Elderly people have a lot of free time. Everyone decides for themselves how to spend it. Studies have shown that with retirement, 24% of these people are actively engaged in volunteer work, debunking the myth of reduced productivity.

Dispelling these popular myths provides an understanding that old age isn’t scary. It’s just a completely different stage in life, with a different vector of perception and other brain activity that makes it possible to look at this world from a completely different angle. If you take care of yourself and have close ones there for you, old age will bring you no problems or restrictions.

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