Beyond Their Years: 5 Things That Make Women Over 45 Look Ridiculous

May 21, 2019 11:54

Women want to look beautiful, regardless of whether they are 20 or 65. But each age has its own standards. What may look stunning on a youthful girl, doesn’t always suit a lady over 45.

Today, we want to talk about 5 mistakes that can ruin your stylish look regardless of how fancy your dress is!

1. Bright makeup

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Thick eyeliner, bright eyeshadows, and a thick layer of lipstick can be an understandable fail for young ladies. Experienced women can afford such makeup only for a carnival or any other themed event. In everyday life, it is better to give preference to neutral, basic shades.

2. Mini-size outfits

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No matter how beautiful your legs are, you shouldn’t show them to the whole world. It looks vulgar and less than stylish. You should have your skirt tailored to all the features of your figure to emphasize the curves much more favorably and make you stand out from the crowd in the right way.

3. Teenage style

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Contrary to popular delusions, teenage clothes won’t make you younger, but on the contrary, will add a few extra years. You don’t want to be a target of mockery from all the passers-by. Remember, every age has its undeniable advantages!

4. Too tight clothes

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Form-fitting garments suit very few women. Even the most slender ones will have their shortcomings emphasized. If you don’t want to look ridiculous, choose outfits according to your size. Slightly oversized clothes always look a lot more advantageous than tight clothes.

5. Neglected manicure

Well-groomed hands always benefit your image, while the lack of manicure, unkempt shellac, and bright varnish just make a woman’s appearance look cheap. Look after your nails, get a manicure regularly, and choose neutral, basic colors as a covering.

These minor mistakes can completely ruin your image. And what stylish fails do you notice on mature ladies? Share with us in the comments!