Bigger Is Better! The Girl Asked A Surgeon For "Basketballs" And Received Saggy "Tennis Balls In Socks"

March 20, 2019 13:46

Krystina Butel loves her unnatural appearance. At 32, she has already managed to do two rhinoplasties, fill her lips and cheekbones, get a facelift, have gastric bypass surgery, and undergo an operation to improve the appearance of the female genitals. Surgeons even made her nipples in the form of hearts. But at the same time, the Krystina isn’t satisfied with her entire body.

Krystina's story

It turns out that Krystina has always dreamed of a bust resembling basketballs. However, after four unsuccessful augmentations, her breasts sagged. Now, the woman says they look like "tennis balls that were thrown into socks." 

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Krystina installed the first implants when she was 17. However, only 6 weeks after the operation, they began to sag.

To correct the breasts, she turned to the TV show Botched, where professional surgeons agreed to help her.

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We wish Krystina good luck in her future operations! Well, in order not to find yourself in a similar situation, we want to share with you tips on how to choose the right plastic surgeon.

How to choose a plastic surgeon

1. Qualification

Find out if the plastic surgeon is certified. The doctor must provide you with his/her diploma and certificates. Check the license and ask how many years he/she has been already working.

2. Working place

Good surgeons work in clinics with an excellent reputation. Find out if the institution has a license. The document must indicate permission to conduct surgeries similar to yours.

3. Similar aesthetic sense

What one person may like may irk another. Don’t rely only on friends’ reviews and the surgeon’s experience. Learn more about his/her aesthetic taste. Ask the doctor to show you photos of previous works and indicate which picture you liked the most. Ask if you can get a similar result, taking into account the characteristics of your body.

4. Attitude of medical staff toward you

You should feel comfortable at the doctor's office and not be afraid to ask questions.

5. Surgical ward

Your safety during surgery depends on the anesthetist and the ward. Proper surgical rooms should have life support systems in case something goes wrong. Learn about the anesthesiologist's qualifications as well.

Before plastic surgery, it is worth thinking hard whether you really need it. And if you do decide to go ahead with it, choose a qualified doctor to avoid a similar story that Krystina had to deal with. Share this article with friends to protect them as well!

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