Emergence Of Life And Child Development In The Womb: 9 Months In A 4-Minute Video

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March 14, 2019 14:03 By Fabiosa

Life is a fantastic thing! Its beginning in the womb and the appearance of a baby to this world are incredible miracles that nature has done by choosing a woman as a vessel for carrying a new being.

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Pregnancy lasts on average for 40 weeks or 280 days, counting from the first day of the last menstruation. However, fertilization of the egg with sperm, which is necessary for the emergence of a new life, occurs a day or two after ovulation (which is the middle of the 28-day cycle). Plus, it will take a couple of days for a fertilized egg to be implanted into the uterus. The result is that the first 2 weeks out of 40 is not considered to be part of pregnancy in the traditional sense. Therefore, we can say that a “real” pregnancy lasts for 38 weeks.

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How does the embryo develop in the mother’s womb? Let us quickly go through all the months and see how the fetus becomes a cuddly baby with cute facial features, a beating heart, and kicking legs.

Month 1: The fertilized egg is introduced into the wall of the uterus; conception takes place.

Month 2: The brain with 2 lobes and a spinal cord begins to form, continued by the head with ears and eyes. The heart starts beating. The arms and legs become distinct from the body. Fetal period ends.

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Month 3: With a healthy pregnancy, the placenta gets located in the body of the uterus along its back (more often) or front wall. It is fully formed by the 15-16th week of pregnancy. After the 20th week, an active exchange through the placental vessels begins. The body is ready for independent functioning.

Month 4: The face becomes more humanlike; the baby begins to move.

Month 5: The movements become more active. The legs become more proportional to the body, the nail plates get well developed. Eyebrows are now noticeable.

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Month 6: The baby's organs are fully formed. The hearing develops; it can now react to noises.

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Month 7: The appearance of hair.

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Month 8: While awake, the eyes are open. The child takes an upside down position, making energetic punches and kicks.

Month 9: The fluff on the body (lanugo) almost completely disappears; the toenails are fully formed. The child firmly rests his/her head on the upper part of the cervix. 

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So, by the end of pregnancy, the child has all the organs and systems formed, and gains enough weight for external existence.

He or she is ready to leave the womb and meet the world.

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