Girl Visited A Home Salon That Promises A Manicure In An Hour, But It Almost Cost Her A Nail

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March 12, 2019 11:34 By Fabiosa

Everyone wants to receive quality services at an affordable price and with excellent results. Is such a combination possible? Not always. Therefore, don’t pursue savings when you choose specialists where you will interact with your body, lest you want to pay with your health later. Choose carefully, read reviews, and ask friends before using anything similar.

A popular Instagram blogger has recently shared the story about a home manicure salon, “telling the whole truth about such services.” Her subscriber sent her photos of the manicure that ended with a doctor visit.

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Girl Visited A Home Salon That Promises A Manicure In An Hour, But It Almost Cost Her A Nailservice.revizor / Instagram

The client had used the services of this studio before because they promised to "do everything in an hour!" However, this time, something went wrong:

She suspected something bad when the finger began turning red. Then discomfort came. Then the nail began to change color. 3 weeks after covering, the girl put her hand into hot water and saw pus. The doctor said there was a hole...

In general, this case was successfully cleaned out. The nail grew back. The fungus was treated.

The home studio was reported about the incident – they promised to deal with it.

The beauty blogger urges everyone not to be seduced by dubious offers that can’t guarantee quality services and safety for your health.

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When choosing a master and salon for a manicure, pay attention to the following:

  • availability of documents on the right to provide such services;
  • availability of certificates from specialists;
  • disposable instruments or reusable sterilization process;
  • condition of the workplace and master;
  • overall impression that the salon makes.

And remember: no manicure can last less than an hour.

At the slightest suspicion of infection, immediately seek medical help. This is the only way you can save your nails.

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