GP Claims Nature Is Looking For A Way To Get Rid Of Women Over 50

June 12, 2019 15:43

While some people have a second youth after 50 and believe they can be useful in society, others argue that nature doesn’t need such women at all. But if you still want to live, you need to watch your weight. This controversial statement was made by popular TV presenter, general practitioner, doctor of medical sciences Elena Malysheva.

“Nature doesn’t need women after 50!”

She wanted to warn women over 50 against overeating with an inspirational speech:

Unfortunately, nature doesn’t particularly need women after 50. She is looking for a way to get rid of us.

In addition, she said that there are twice as many overweight women over 50 than men. They usually gain weight after the birth of children, and then during menopause.

Opponents of the theory

Some of the scientist’s colleagues didn’t agree with her words.

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Some referred to research that proved older people are important for society. For example, scientist Kristen Hawkes says that grandmothers can better ensure the survival of their genes through the younger generations by redirecting their energy to offspring.

Others said that obesity after 50 isn’t related to nutrition. Doctor Elena Tereshina claims that excess weight is a natural process at such an age.

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How to stay healthy after 50

Nature needs women after 50! But during this period of life, it is necessary to take the most responsible approach to a healthy lifestyle if you want to meet old age without problems and live through it without diseases. We have prepared several recommendations for you.

  1. Keep an active lifestyle.
  2. Walk more.
  3. Drink your daily recommended intake of water.
  4. Follow the rules of healthy eating.
  5. Smile, and avoid stress.

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What do you think about such a theory? What are other ways to keep yourself fit? Share your experience in the comments!