Groom Made An Engagement Ring Of His Own Hair. What Was It: A Joke Or A Demonstration Of True Feelings?

May 17, 2019

Many girls who are in serious relationships can only guess what their men are preparing for the proposal, and try imagine how it will play out. It has become a tradition to present the beloved girl a ring. As a rule, this jewelry is made of gold, in many cases, with diamonds or other precious stones.

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Of course, everything depends on the financial means and limits to the groom-to-be's creativity. But it is also noteworthy that some of them have only a simple sign of affection and sincerity of intentions. In May 2019, some media shared the story of an unusual proposal.

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The girl was delighted that her groom presented her a ring made of his own hair. It looked more than extravagant, but the bride seemed to be pleased with such a personal and unusual gift. However, the real ring wasn’t long in coming: it was simply delayed. Nevertheless, some internet users didn’t share the bride’s delight.

@Kelly Sedge:

I’m sure this was a joke not news worthy though.

@Rachel Edgar:

Gross, yeah, but I'm more disgusted at the use of the term "boyfie" 😒😒

@Cadie Jane:

I’m all about the “price doesn’t matter/be grateful for what you’re given” but that’s too far.

@Dine Faniran:

Oh well, when you think you've seen it all, another form of crazy comes running around.

@Jade Leanne Parkes:

She'll get a bic razor for the divorce.

@Shania Battenbough:

Did he purchase it from the shower drain?

@Paul Martin:

And this ladies and gentlemen is why my first girlfriend left me!

@Joe Cornwall:

Why are people disgusted, it's only hair.

@Glenda Block:

It's nobody else's business!

Social network users have different opinions indeed. But here's an interesting fact: rings weren’t always made from metal and precious stones. At one time, materials for their production included rocks, wood, fabric and – you guessed it – even human hair as well! Hair was considered a part of the person dear to the heart, so, when jewelry began to be made from metals, it often became an additional element of the “composition.”

People used to say that rings and bracelets made of hair were able to “strengthen” love. In the Victorian era, such decorations were so fashionable that their manufacturers deliberately went on long trips to the countryside. They bought hair from low-income farmers and created masterpieces from them. In modern society, we also encounter echoes of this fashion: natural wigs are considered the best. Moreover, many parents also store a strand of the child's first haircut as a keepsake.

Of course, a lock of baby’s hair isn’t an engagement ring. But what about you? How would you treat such an oddly touching gift from a loved one?