Guy Didn’t Want His Overweight Girl To Lose Weight, But She Still Got Rid Of 150 Lb And A Jealous Boyfriend!

June 6, 2019

Our family and partners play an important role in attempting to change our lives for the better. Most often, they inspire us for success, motivate us, and support us in every possible way. However, for the heroine of today’s story, the beloved man became rather an anchor.

In 2015, Christine Carter from Dallas weighed almost 300 lb at 5'4" tall. The girl adored junk and fast food. For sure, her favorite treats temporarily increased her self-esteem, but considering the general condition, Christine felt terrible both physically and morally.

Surprisingly, Carter’s boyfriend encouraged her insatiable appetite. Apparently, the young man believed that others wouldn’t stare or try steal his obese girlfriend away from him.

When Christine’s uncle didn’t recognize her because of extra weight, she realized that she couldn’t continue living this way. At first, she tried to lose weight with diets and physical exercise, but they didn’t bring the desired results. Then, Carter decided to undergo a gastric bypass.

Soon after the operation, Christine lost 60 lb, but it wasn’t so easy to keep the weight down – at first, it kept returning. Only when the girl finally gave up her bad eating habits and changed her diet completely, she started to notice positive changes with her figure.

The more Carter transformed, the more her boyfriend began to be jealous of her. Then the girl decided it was time to put an end to this unhealthy relationship, and broke up with him.

Now Christine weighs 120 lb. The girl has almost 300K subscribers on her motivational Instagram page, where she shares tips and inspires other women to lead a healthy lifestyle. She also has a video blog on YouTube.

Carter proved by her example that willpower and hard work can turn your world upside down for the better!