Hairdresser Gave A Woman A Terrible Haircut. The Conflict Resolved Only With Police!

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March 14, 2019 14:02 By Fabiosa

Thick and shiny hair has always been considered a woman's main embellishment. You have to pay significant time and effort to make your locks look immaculate. Moreover, this pleasure may take a lot of money. At the same time, everything can be spoiled in a moment if you choose the wrong hairdresser. Today, we want to share an educational story that happened to Anastasia who entrusted her hair to the wrong hands.


Unsuccessful haircut

Once, Anastasia decided to visit a beauty salon and get herself a neat haircut and color. Even though the administrator asked her to pay for services upfront, she had no doubts about it.

The woman showed the master a photograph of the model with the desired bob haircut. The hairdresser said it would be done just like that and started to work.

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The haridresser turned Anastasia's back to the mirror and began to cut and dye. When she finished and turned the woman back to face the mirror, the client was shocked. It was absolutely not what she asked for. 


They cut off much more hair, misleading me that everything will be at the highest level.

The hairdresser tried to save the situation but didn’t succeed.

The administration refused to reimburse the money for the services and didn’t issue the check.


Anastasia decided to call the police. After checking, it turned out that the masters have neither legal allowance to work there nor a health permit. The salon also didn’t provide a customer feedback book.

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Now the woman is going to prove her case in court.

How to choose a hairdresser

To avoid a similar situation happening to you, it is necessary to know how to select the right hairdresser.

  1. Ask your friends for help; perhaps they can recommend someone.
  2. Don’t get a haircut done immediately – get acquainted with the salon first.
  3. Don’t spare money for your hair beauty.
  4. Pay attention to the master’s hairstyle.
  5. Listen to the hairdresser’s recommendations to choose the hairstyle together.
  6. Try a new master for some simple procedure before making significant changes.

The situation that Anastasia went through is quite unpleasant. What about you: what would you do? Would you fight for your rights or would you go home and cry? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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