Hairy Armpits Of Nike Model Evoked Heated Discussions Among Internet Users

May 6, 2019 16:35

In recent years, the world of beauty and fashion is concerned about an unusual trend – unshaven armpits. Girls from different countries aren’t shy to show off their hairy body parts. This is what they call a tribute to complete self-acceptance. These girls defend their position, stating they are beautiful in any form, even in the most natural.

However, this trend originated not in our days. Numerous celebs without hesitation showed themselves in a form that is far from promoted glossy magazines.

Looks like this trend isn’t going to slow down! Recently, Nike Instagram account shared a post with a very non-standard advertising campaign. It featured several photos of model Annahstasia, showing herself in her most natural form.

By the way, it seems this is not just an advertising campaign! On her personal Instagram account, the model also demonstrates hairy armpits to the world. Apparently, this is her way of life.

However, not everyone was able to appreciate the model’s image. Some users agreed that it looked “disgusting.”


This is disgusting




This is getting out of hand

What do you think about such naturalness? Should such eminent brands be neutral to similar trends? Share your thoughts in the comments.