Influential Pediatrician Thinks That Wearing Diapers At 4 Is OK, But Many Disagree With His Opinion

July 4, 2019

The invention of diapers was a great relief for parents with babies. However, there come a moment for a child to become accustomed to using a potty, controlling natural needs, and informing adults about this. So, at what age can you give up diapers?

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There are no clear deadlines for this. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the child and the parents’ patience. Adaptation to a potty can begin when a child is 18 months to 3 years old. Some need multiple explanations, while others immediately copy the behavior of older children. The main thing is to show no anger or frustration in the process of training.

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As a discussion on one forum shows, not every child can be out of diapers at ages 3-4:

Lauren Smith:

My son will be 4 this summer. He is still in diapers.

Katie Shanks:

My oldest is 4 and still in pull-ups. She is capable of using the bathroom, and does so at school, but refuses at home. Our pediatrician told us not to push it.

Taryn van der Merwe:

My son is 4 years in 6 months and still needs a nappy to poo and at night. He does not wear a nappy during the day and uses the toilet to wee, standing up when he needs to.

Renowned pediatrician, Dr. Yevhen Komarovkyy, believes that if a child needs to sleep in a diaper at 4-5, there is nothing wrong with this, and this up to the individual family to decide.

How can you discern when it's necessary to quit diapers? The answer is simple: only when you see that the child is ready for such a step.

Have you ever encountered a similar problem when your kids were growing up? What did you do to transition from diapers to potty? Share your experience since it may be helpful for others.

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