Man In An Oriental Dance Attire Appeared On The Stage. People Couldn’t Take Their Eyes Off Him As He Moved

April 18, 2019 18:07

We are already used to enjoying oriental or belly dances performed by women. At first glance, only these graceful and smooth creatures can perform such fascinating movements, which are an integral part of this form of art. However, any rule must have its exceptions!

Rachid Alexander is a great dancer! He was born in Curacao and has been engaged in oriental dancing since childhood. Once he saw these mesmerizing movements, he immediately decided to master them by himself.

Rachid didn’t leave his dream for a moment and trained alongside eminent masters in Miami, who helped him to bring his belly dancing to the highest level.

Rachid now lives in the Netherlands, but regularly travels around the world, demonstrating his talent. He participates in major festivals and competitions. Moreover, he doesn’t mind teaching others and often becomes a jury member at dance competitions.

His dance style can be characterized by three expressions: intricate, passionate, and dynamic.

It’s hard to imagine that men can be so graceful!

What about you? Did you enjoy Rachid’s movements? They are very unusual and graceful indeed. Share your thoughts in the comments.