“Poverty Virus”: What Is It And What Are Its 5 Main Symptoms?

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April 12, 2019 13:38 By Fabiosa

Have you ever thought about why you can’t get rich or the reasons for you feeling unhappy about your work? If money has become only a means of survival for you, depriving a sense of freedom, it is highly likely that you have been infected with the "poverty virus."

If you want to deal with this disease, you should review your habits, replacing the bad with good ones. What symptoms should alert you?

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5 signs of "poverty virus"

1. You are worried about people’s opinions

Some people are ready to buy a dress that costs two to three salaries or even take a loan just to show off to their friends and relatives. If your budget allows you a luxurious celebration or an expensive outfit, there is nothing reprehensible about this, but you certainly shouldn’t go into debt for a one-day "show."

2. You relieve stress by shopping

Stress often forces people to make ill-considered decisions, buying unnecessary things, forgetting to pay bills, or taking unmanageable loans. It is crucial to keep control of your fleeting desires and expenses.

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3. You are jealous of those more successful than you

People suffering from the “poverty virus” often believe that wealth is earned through dishonest means and that others have succeeded without deserving it. They often belittle other people's achievements and look for their flaws.

4. You don’t set goals

When a person doesn’t dream, doesn’t rest, doesn’t enjoy life, but just works hard day-in-day-out, there is little chance to succeed in achieving harmony with one's well-being and finances. Those infected with the "poverty virus" are also afraid of changes and don’t dare to leave their comfort zone, leaving less space for their freedom.

5. You don’t like your work

Since childhood, some of us have heard phrases such as, "You need to hold on to any job," and "The main thing is stability." But if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, the work will turn into real penal servitude and just a way to put bread on the table. Success, in this case, is very difficult to achieve.

What about your relationship with money? Did you recognize your habits on the list? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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