Reflexology: How Foot Massage Can Help You Forget About Back Pain

May 8, 2019

Reflexology is one of the varieties of alternative medicine that can be highly helpful if done correctly. Reflexology has become effective because it is believed that all people have a system of areas that reflects the entire body on their feet, hands, and ears. Therefore, if you influence these zones properly, you can improve your health sufficiently. Various studies have already proved the effectiveness of reflexology. 

We suggest paying your attention to how reflexology can help you cope with back pain. You just need to study the points on your foot and learn a few particular exercises. One study even proved that such massage turned out to be more effective and beneficial for a person than a direct back massage.

How to find the “spine” on your foot?

The spinal reflex points follow the line of the inner edge of the foot, from the tip of the big toe to the ankle. In order to use all the necessary reflexes of this zone properly, hold your right foot with your left hand.

Massage to alleviate pain in the cervical region

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Using the thumb of your right hand to massage the “spine,” start with the toe, tightly pressing the thumb and continue along all the reflex points from the tip of the big toe to the ankle.

Massage to alleviate back pain

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Continue massaging the “spinal” area on the foot. Move along the heel and around the ankle. It is important to push hard to involve all the reflex zones.

This massage doesn’t take much time (3-5 minutes), but it can help you cope with pain in the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions. Try it, and you may no longer be able to live without it. Stay healthy and be sure to live in comfort!

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