Yes, I Want To Be Plus-Size! Girls Who Consciously Gained Weight And Became Famous On The Internet

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March 14, 2019 15:08 By Fabiosa

Even though the generally accepted standards of beauty are constantly changing, everyone should look like their inner world suggests. Not always the slender people want to remain slim, as sometimes they see themselves differently. Today, we want to show you 5 examples of girls who consciously decided to gain weight and become famous on the Internet.

1. Karina Irby

6 years ago, Karina was a pretty slim girl. However, she didn’t feel like it was something she wanted. At the time, the girl was just starting a business – she is a designer and owner of a swimsuit brand. She thought she should be skinny to make her swimsuits popular. However, she soon realized that you need to accept yourself the way you really are. And now, she is happy with the body she has, and her swimsuits didn’t suffer for it either!

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2. Kenzie Forbes

Kenzie didn’t just gain weight. She put on a few pounds because she decided to devote her life to fitness. Now she makes up training programs for people and has a popular Instagram blog to give everyone an opportunity to take after her workouts while practicing at home. Now, her body is pumped, because fitness became her main goal in life.

3. Amie Wiley

And here is another beauty who actively began to gain weight to become a professional fitness trainer. Now she is one of the most demanded certified personal fitness trainers in Ireland. She repeatedly shares not only her photos but also helpful ​​training tips, so that all women can work out the same way as she does.

4. Liza Golden-Bhojwani

And this girl was too slim, even for a model, but was still in high demand. However, she understood she wanted something different.

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Liza made the decision that she wanted to change her life and continue her career, but now as a plus-size model. She has achieved luxurious forms for her body, which she is proud of much more than before she gained weight.

5. Victoria Niamh Spence

This woman decided to give her figure a few extra pounds, not to get enrolled in modeling or fitness. She is a public speaker. When she was 18, she had problems with being underweight, but began to engage herself and even took part in bodybuilding competitions! Now, she is just a happy woman with a beautiful figure.

These beauties just wanted to look the way they felt. They were skinny with their collarbones unnaturally visible, so they tried to gain weight and became plus-size beauties, each recognizing their appearance differently to what many people are used to.

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