Fitness Instructor Flashed Her Cellulite And Folds On A Slim Body To Give Women An Important Lesson

April 11, 2019 13:06

Social networks have proven to have a strong influence on our self-esteem and perception of our own appearance. Even research results have shown that women who spend more than 1 hour a day on Instagram or Facebook are less likely to be satisfied with their bodies.

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Anna Victoria is a fitness instructor, so she is always in perfect shape.

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The 30-year-old blogger has over 1,300,000 Instagram subscribers who admire her slim and toned body. However, Anna doesn’t want to deceive her fans.

She has cellulite and folds on her stomach, like any woman. She shares photos, showing her flaws so that the girls understand these are absolutely normal things for their bodies.

Anna notes that fitness stars and coaches also have folds, stretch marks, and cellulite, but just successfully hide them, taking photos at the right angle and with the proper lighting. Anna shared under one of her posts:

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I recently came across an article talking about how one woman stated she refuses to accept her flaws because she doesn't see them as flaws at all. I LOVED that because it sends such a powerful message that our belly rolls, cellulite, stretch marks are nothing to apologize for, to be ashamed of, or to be obsessed with getting rid of!

Despite the folds and cellulite, the fitness blogger tries to keep herself in great shape and stick to proper nutrition. In addition to regular exercising, she mentions that her diet includes fresh and natural products.

Anna Victoria advises girls not to create their own ideals. It is important to love your body as it is, but also not to forget to take care of it.

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