Notre-Dame De Paris – A Magnificent Architectural Landmark Of Paris That The World Has Almost Lost Forever

April 19, 2019

A colossal fire has recently destroyed a significant part of French heritage. The 850-year-old Notre-Dame de Paris is the most important architectural structure in France. The cathedral caught fire in the evening of April 15. As a result, the spire and the roof collapsed. The exact cause hasn’t been established yet, but the key version is an accident as a result of repair work.

The fire couldn’t be extinguished for about 15 hours. Before destroying the spire, it reached the roof and shattered the stained glass windows as well as the wooden interior elements. About 400 firefighters were involved in saving the architectural heritage of France! Three injured have also been registered – two policemen and a firefighter.

The tragedy took the whole world by the storm. When it comes to such legendary works of art that are imbued with national colors, it is difficult to hold your tears back. People were gathering in the streets, crying and observing with horror. Different cathedrals of the city, in particular, the Cathedral of Saint-Étienne, Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, and Saint-Germain rang the bells of grief and sympathy.

The fire was extinguished entirely at lunch on April 16. From that moment, experts began to assess the loss. Unfortunately, the burnt parts of the building aren’t subject to restoration, only reconstruction. Notre Dame Cathedral is the greatest architectural structure in France. Its construction started back in the 12th century!

Notre Dame de Paris is the most visited place in France. About 14 million people come here every year! The weight of its biggest bell, Emmanuel, is 13 tons! Immaculate stained glass windows were the source of light in the cathedral. Before Notre Dame itself, there were 4 temples on the site of the building. Its construction was conducted in several stages.

It began in 1163 by Louis VII. Pope Alexander III, who was in Paris at that time, laid the foundation stone. It is believed that the leading creators of the cathedral were two architects: Jean de Chelles from 1250 to 1265, and Pierre de Montreuil from 1250 to 1267. Apart from them, many other architects worked on the cathedral’s creation, which is very noticeable in the difference of some parts.

The exterior of the cathedral delights with its beauty and grandeur. It can be divided into a few important parts: the cathedral square, the western facade (three portals, the gallery of the Old Testament kings, the western rose, towers and bells), the northern facade, the southern facade, the eastern apse, the roof, the gargoyles, and the spire. There are legendary stained glass windows, paintings, sculptures and, of course, the organ inside the cathedral. It also houses one of the most important Christian relics – the Crown of Thorns of Jesus Christ. Fortunately, it was saved during the fire!

Notre Dame Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even though some of the exhibits and the interior parts will never be returned, we should be grateful to the team of rescuers, which allowed Notre Dame Cathedral to survive the terrible fire and preserve most of its heritage!