Sugar Addiction: 5 Striking Body Changes Once You Cut Out Sweet Food

January 28, 2019

If you have a sweet tooth, you know exactly how difficult it is to resist a candy or something sweet for a whole day. Your body craves those simple carbs that instantly improve your mood and at the same time add a few extra pounds.

Sugar dependence: myth or reality?

The problem of obesity has been especially actively discussed in the second half of the last century. Two main reasons of obesity identified by experts are a sedentary lifestyle and a significant increase in consumption of overly processed products, most of which contain substantial amounts of sugar. Such products can lead to sugar addiction.

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But even if you don’t have a problem with excess weight, it is advisable to revise your diet so as to reduce sugar intake. Start by giving up a candy a day and soon you will notice obvious changes in your body and general well-being.

1. The true taste of products

When your receptors become unused to having ‘something sweet’ every now and then, you will find out that many products have a very interesting taste not inferior to sweets. Without sugar, you will rediscover products such as strawberry and tea!

2. Intestinal function normalizes

By eliminating foods with high sugar content (such as confectionery and pastry) from your diet and replacing them with fiber products, you will make your gastrointestinal tract happier for not having to digest all that. As a reward, your GI tract will work like a Swiss watch.

3. You lose extra pounds

No sweets – no extra calories. So, there is nothing for your body to store in the hips, arms, and belly. If you add any physical activity to this, then those extra pounds will quickly go away.

4. You are active and energetic

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After getting rid of extra weight and guilt, you will feel like a different person: you will feel better and ready to do anything!

5. You quit an addiction

Perhaps this is the biggest achievement because sugar addiction is just as bad as any others. You will feel better not only physically, but also mentally about having managed to overcome it. Start being proud of yourself!

To help you cut out sweets, we offer you a simple list of products to exclude from your diet because of their high sugar content:

  • carbonated drinks;
  • nectars and juice drinks;
  • dairy products with flavoring additives;
  • cakes and sweets.

If you have made this big step and revised your diet, you can confirm how effective it is. If you are just going into battle with your sugar addiction, then we will be glad if you get back to us with your result. How difficult do you think is it going to be?

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