5 Signs Of Schizophrenia Not Detectable To Those Who Are Already Sick

January 29, 2019

Regardless of how unbelievable it may sound, there are always schizophrenics who walk by you on the street. You should remember that mentally ill people aren’t always in specially designated places. Like everyone else, they live their own lives and even go to work as usual until the disease begins to progress.

Although their threatening behavior and short-term aggression outbreaks are much more common than truly dangerous behavior, it is necessary to know the main symptoms.

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While the disease has a lot of frightening symptoms, today we want to specify the main reasons to suspect the presence of this mental illness.

5 main symptoms of schizophrenia

This mental illness is usually diagnosed by the analysis of experience, stories of relatives, and overall clinical finding. In addition, psychiatrists identify 5 major symptoms that may indicate schizophrenia.

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These are false beliefs that aren’t based on reality. Here are some examples:

  • thinks that everybody wants to harm or monitor them;
  • notices certain gestures or hears comments not directed to them;
  • convinced of their exceptional abilities;
  • thinks everyone is in love with them;
  • believes about a major disaster is about to happen.

The delusional state is observed in most schizophrenics at some point in life.

2. Hallucinations

Usually, these are sensations that don’t actually exist. However, for a person with schizophrenia, they are perceived as absolutely real. Hallucinations can be based on any senses, but most often these are “voices in the head.”

3. Disorganized thinking (speech)

Effective communication among schizophrenics is often impaired, so their answers to questions may be strange or incoherent. Sometimes speech involves combining meaningless words that are impossible to understand.

4. Extremely disorganized or inappropriate behavior

This symptom can manifest itself in different ways: from childish stupidity to unpredictable arousal. Their behavior isn’t focused on the goal, so schizophrenics find it difficult to perform ordinary household activities. They can also ignore laws and rules, remain silent for a long time, or make purposeless movements.

5. Deficit symptoms

This is what psychiatrists call a decrease or loss of normal functioning. For example, a schizophrenic may neglect personal hygiene. In addition, the person may completely lose interest in daily activities, fall out of social life, or experience no pleasures.

How is the illness diagnosed?

According to The MSD Manual, the diagnosis of schizophrenia requires the two following conditions:

  1. At least two above-mentioned symptoms during a month.
  2. The prodromal state or the weakening of the symptoms in violation of social, professional activity during a 6-month period, including a month of active symptomatology.

People with schizophrenia often don’t realize that their problems are related to a mental disorder requiring medical attention. Therefore, the patient’s relatives should immediately consult a psychiatrist.

That is why it is important to know about the main signs of schizophrenia! Share this article with your friends to increase awareness even further.

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