6 Destructive Phrases Never To Tell Yourself

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March 12, 2019 16:56 By Fabiosa

As you know, the power of words is ridiculous. We always try to support people who found themselves in difficult situations and give recommendations to everyone in need. Everyone, but not ourselves. When worrying about the others’ fates, we often forget about our own and speak about ourselves in a way that deprives us of the possibility of self-realization and closes doors that we even didn’t try to knock on.

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Let's see what phrases you should never tell yourself under any circumstances.

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1. “I will never...”

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One of the most destructive phrases, depriving a person of any chance to succeed. “I will never marry. I will never lose weight. I will never get what I want.” Do you feel how much hopelessness there is in these phrases? It is better to get rid of them forever and follow the intended goal in spite of all difficulties.

2. "I can't ..."

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People subconsciously condemn themselves to failure with this phrase. It won’t work – it’s not worth trying. But maybe it is? You will never know the result without trying. It is much more likely that you will regret a lost chance. Therefore, discard all doubts and don’t think of a negative future.

3. “Don’t mind me”

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A fairly common phrase, applicable in various situations. However, it is most often used when a person is upset, depressed or is in a bad mood, asking others not to disturb them but leave them alone with their problems. Remember: people are ready to help with advice or action, so don’t go along the path of loneliness and don’t close yourself off from those who genuinely care for you.

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4. “Another time / until better times”

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With phrases such as these, a person postpones life indefinitely. It is better to set a clear deadline and postpone the event not to “another time,” but to a specific day.

5. “I always mess it all up”

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Failures, incidents, and unpredicted situations happen to all. However, it is unlikely that responsibility for the events lies on the shoulders of the one who usually says such a phrase. It is better just to apologize and move swiftly on from the unpleasant event. With a sincere apology, everything can be corrected, so don’t follow a destructive path, blaming yourself for every misfortune.

6. “I hate my [insert body part]”

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Focusing attention on the flaws of the figure or face leads to unnecessary complexes and isolation. These are all far-fetched problems that causes a person to deprive herself of the opportunity to meet those who will be sympathetic to her views and character, which, in the grand scheme of things, is much more important than a little blemish. Develop and emphasize your best features, and then you will forget about all the "flaws" in your appearance!

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