Curiouser and Curiouser! Can You Handle These Intriguing Riddles For Adults And Kids?

November 14, 2018 14:57

Logical thinking is an important and useful skill that helps us survive in this complex life. Logic exercises are introduced since the first classes in schools. However, some of them may turn out to be not childish riddles, but can easily train logical thinking even in the grown-up brain.

Today we want to offer you these four “simple” puzzles. Even though they may seem illogical and quite simple at first glance, the answers are actually very tricky and funny. Don’t hurry them; think twice. Try to analyze carefully and make sure your answer is completely correct. Let’s start!

Question 3

Question 4

Don’t rush to scroll down unless you are ready to see the correct answers.

Did you understood all the questions? Have you managed to answer all of them?

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So, here are the answers:

Answer 1

Answer 2

Answer 3

Answer 4

Here they are, tricky logical riddles! Are you surprised by the answers? Did you manage to answer correctly? Which question was the most difficult? Tell us in the comments.

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