Feel Awkward Shame For Others? You Possess An Especially Unique Quality!

January 18, 2019

Does it happen that you feel shame for others, although you didn’t do anything yourself? If it is familiar to you, you must possess a really amazing quality.

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The Spanish are believed to have first interpreted this feeling by defining it as “shame for another.” With this in mind, the British defined it as “Spanish shame,” a term which has since stayed in the modern world.

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When you see strangers' blunders, you might feel shame and awkwardness, covering your face with your hands. Some may even experience physical discomfort.

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As a small experiment, we want to show you a popular fail compilation. After merely three months online, it has gathered more than 9.5 million views, with over 7,000 viewers who “dislike” it.

Were you able to watch it to the end? What did you feel?

If shame and humiliation are still there for you after watching a video, this is a reason to think about yourself. Psychologists believe this indicates the former experience of similar awkward situations, so the raised memories remind of the associated unpleasant feelings. It is also possible that such people live within the framework of endless prohibitions, preventing them from relaxing and accepting their shortcomings.

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It is also believed that the feeling of shame for others is a manifestation of a special level of empathy. A person has a pronounced sense of compassion, mercy, a desire to hide guilt and avoid shame. Positive attitude, goodwill, and justice identify those who are experiencing “Spanish shame.”

What about you? Do you tend to empathize with others? How do you react to videos with awkward situations? Share your experience in comments.

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